Arte Kanela Flamenco

Formed in 1990, ARTE KANELA FLAMENCO is widely acclaimed as the unsurpassed and most exciting force in the Australian Flamenco music scene.
At the core of ARTE KANELA are the Tedesco brothers: Musical Director, Guitarist and Composer Richard, who ensures the music continues to develop innovatively and creatively whilst firmly rooted in traditional structures, and Principal Dancer and Choreographer Johnny, who captures the skill and raw authenticity in his execution of the dance. What began with young friendships and musical bonds in the backstreets of Melbourne’s Spanish quarter, Fitzroy, has matured, strengthened and evolved over two decades into an institutional band. Together with the striking dance of Chantelle Cano and a line-up of artists including acclaimed guitarist Nathan Sinclair, bassist Jamie Carrasco, drummer/percussionist Joe Batrouney, and the engaging voice of Jarrod ‘El RoJo’, ARTE KANELA unfailingly and consistently bring to the stage a dynamic and high quality performance.

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