Libby Steel

Western Victorian rocket Libby Steel is a pop-soul superstar said to be part Lily Allen, part Saskwatch. She recently entered the Australian music industry making her mark with big versatile vocals in clever pop songs.

The self taught singer/songwriter combines clever pop and witty lyrics with soul, making a unique blend of Australian alternative pop. Her music has had rotation on both Triple J unearthed and Triple J, gaining her a significant Australian fan base.

Her colourful and ashamedly bold songs are brought to life in her live performance where her vibrant personality shines with her animated, high energy performance.

Libby Steel is set for a big year, preparing to release an EP before touring. She is one act that can’t be missed. With recent support spot with San Cisco and the Triple J Unearthed Winner for a spot at Queenscliff Music Festival, Libby is one to watch.

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